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Your Real Estate Questions Answered: A Comprehensive FAQ Guide

General Real Estate FAQs

What is the situation of the Kumbakonam real estate market?

The Kumbakonam real estate market has been comparatively steady and is progressively expanding. The housing demands of the local population, as well as non-resident Indians (NRIs) and investors searching for flats in Kumbakonam or real-estate investment opportunities in Kumbakonam has increased. People  have started investing in their home town for sentimental reasons, which has essentially fuelled the demand for plots in Kumbakkonam.


What elements affect the price of real estate?

Location, demand and supply dynamics, infrastructure development, economic conditions, and governmental regulations are just a few examples of the variables that might affect the price of real estate.


Is now a good time to make real estate investments?

The timing of a real estate investment relies on the investor's personal objectives and the situation of the market. Making educated judgments might be facilitated by speaking with a real estate specialist.


What extra expenses are there when purchasing or selling a property?

Depending on the kind of transaction and the region, additional expenses could include registration fees, stamp duty, legal fees, property taxes, real estate agent commissions (if applicable), amenities, maintenance charges and corpus fund.


How can I confirm a property's legitimacy and authenticity?

To confirm the legitimacy and authenticity of a property, a complete title search and due diligence (incl. Background checks, verifying authenticity, etc.), should be carried out with the assistance of legal experts.

Buying FAQs

What are the procedures for purchasing a property?

The common stages are finding a property, looking at properties, negotiating, inspecting properties, signing a purchase contract, performing due diligence, securing finance, and finishing the registration procedure.


Do I require a real estate agent to purchase a home?

Although it's not required, a real estate agent may be a great help when looking for a home, negotiating a deal, and navigating the purchasing process.


What elements should I take into account while selecting a property?

Take into account - location, price range, amenities, proximity to employers and schools, potential for appreciation, and local development plans.


What function does a house inspection serve in the purchasing process?

In order to help purchasers make educated decisions and negotiate repairs, a home inspection can uncover any structural or functional problems with the property.


What records must I preserve after making a real estate purchase?

The purchase contract, property tax receipts, occupancy certificate, and any other pertinent legal paperwork are among the crucial papers.

Selling FAQs

How can I figure out what my property should sell for?

To determine a suitable selling price, speak with real estate agents, perform a market study, and take into account the property's condition and local real-estate pricing.


What must be done in advance of advertising my house for sale?

Decluttering and staging the house, taking care of any repairs, and making sure all the paperwork is in order are some initial steps.


Is professional photography required when listing properties?

The likelihood of receiving more inquiries is more when your home is displayed via high-quality images to prospective buyers.


How much time does it typically take to sell a house?

The location, price, demand, and market circumstances all affect how quickly a home sells. To speed up the process, you can engage the services of a real estate agent.


Do I have to be present when potential buyers visit my property?

While it's not required, being present during showings may offer insightful information, and help directly address queries from prospective buyers. This could increase their interest and trust in your property.

Renting FAQs

What is the typical term for a lease of a rental property?

The typical length of a lease for a rental property is six or twelve months; however, this might change based on the landlord's preferences and local laws.


What vital paperwork is needed to rent a property?

In general, landlords may need identity documentation, evidence of income or employment, references from prior owners, and a security deposit.


Can I negotiate with the landlord on the rent?

A tenant's rental history and other criteria, such as the length of the lease, may influence a landlord's willingness to negotiate the rent amount in particular circumstances.


During the term of the lease, who is in charge of maintaining and undertaking repairs of the property?

Unless otherwise specified in the lease agreement, upkeep and repairs of the property are typically the landlord's responsibility.


How does one go about renewing a lease?

The process of renewing a rental lease often includes talking through the details with the landlord, signing a new contract, and updating any adjustments to the rent or lease period.

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